Pippa Phillipa of Lancaster (Pippa)

The name ?

At the time I found them I was working on some history of Queen Felipa of Portugal.  In the second half of the fourteenth century, John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster and son of King Edward III, was having great trouble establishing his claim to the throne of Spain.  To enlist the support of Portugal, he married his daughter, Philippa of Lancaster to King John I of Portugal in 1386.  Philippa took with her, as her majordomo, James Catterall of Lancaster and his wife Anne Ufford.  James later became tutor to her most famous son, Henry the Navigator, who explored the sea routes to the east around Africa.  Philippa took the Portugese version of her name, Felipa, James took the surname of Cotrim (Jaime Cotrim) and Anne that of Urofol (Ana Canas de Urofol) and founded one of the oldest noble families of Portugal.  Not surprisingly, the Cotrim family sent younger sons to Brasil, and the Cotrims remain noble families in both Portugal and Brasil today.

So Pippa gained her name.  Now she needs a home.