Little Mitton Hall, Little Mitton, Lancashire, England

Engraving of the Little Mitton Hall by John T. W. Aspinall, 1845


Engraving of the main hall at Little Mitton, taken from "The Pictorial History of the County of Lancaster", George Routledge, London 1854.


The following engraving of the interior of the main hall at Little Mitton is taken from Whitaker's History of Whalley, 4th. edition, Vol II, following p.22. It was drawn by W. M. Craig and engraved by James Basire. Click on the picture to get an enlargement of the gallery end. Compare this with the current state of the hall following restoration in the last year or two as the Mitton Hall Hotel and Country Club

Whitaker also produced a floor plan of Little Mitton Hall (Vol II, p.568)


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Map of 1846 , scale 1:10,560 (6" to the mile)