4.22. Dublin 1500

The Gawain-Poet clearly had strong religious beliefs and interests.  We might look for other family commitments to religious establishments.

Another Sir James Cottrell was abbott of St. Thomas, Dublin at the beginning of the sixteenth century [DUBLIN][23].  The last accounts of Whalley Abbey included an item “pro mensa Ric. Catterall”, and another member of the family was a monk at the abbey around 1400.

[23] In a Fiat of the same date (1539) we have recorded a warrant by commission for a pension to Sir Henry Duffe, late Abbot of St. Thomas, of £42; to Sir James Cottrell, previous Abbot, a pension of £10; to Sir John Brace, Prior, a pension of 53s.4d., and to be Curate ( i.e., P.P.) of the Church of St. Catherine; to Sir John Butler, his confrere, a pension of 40s., and to be Curate ( i.e., P.P.) of St. James's by Dublin, and to have his orchard within the precinct of Thomas Court; and to Patrick Clyncher, Clerk of the Organs, £5”. [DUBLIN].