D.3. The Pentangle at the Order of Christ at Tomar

The pentangle, which assumes an important role in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight symbolising the Christian and knightly virtues, is inscribed over the graves of the brethren of the Order of Christ in the “Claustro da Lavagem” in the Convento at Tomar in Portugal.  There is no question here of the heathen or magical symbolism of the pentangle, the Order of Christ was a Christian and knightly order who carried the symbol over from the Templars whom they replaced in Portugal early in the fourteenth century.  The pentangle symbol also occurs on the facade of the church of Santa Maria do Olival in Tomar, which holds the graves of 22 Master Templars, and also on other religious buildings in Portugal.

Figure D.3. The Pentagram above Graves at Tomar

Pentangle on Graves at Tomar

Photo by Rod Thorn [THORN]