Some Ufford background.

(I first tried to link Anne of Ufford to Anne of Rufford - the Catteralls intermarried with the Heskeths of Rufford in Lancashire.  I now think this is clearly wrong:  the link is to the Uffords of Suffolk.)

Early in the 13th century John de Peyton owned land in Suffolk. His son, Robert, became the Lord of Ufford in Suffolk under Edward I. Robert died in 1298. His son, another Robert (1279-1316) became Baron Ufford in 1309. His son, yet another Robert (1298-1369) became Earl of Suffolk in 1337. His son William, the second earl, took part in the suppression of the Peasant's Revolt of 1381 in which John of Gaunt's house in London (the Savoy ) was very badly damaged. Thus some contact between William of Ufford, Earl of Suffolk, and John of Gaunt's household is very possible, and contact between William and James Catterall likely although James was part of Edmund's (younger brother of John of Gaunt, then Earl of Cambridge, later Duke of York) campaign to France in 1381. William died in 1382 without an heir, and the earldom and the Ufford lands reverted to the crown. I have not so far found any record of an Ufford daughter, Anne, but if she existed she could not be heir to the earldom which had to descend by the male line (query: is this strictly true? could it have been over-ruled by the king? could the reversion have arisen from the departure of Anne for Portugal with James Catterall?). Here we have reasonable evidence of possible interaction between the Uffords and James Catterall.

In 1385, Richard II re-granted the earldom of Suffolk to a close friend, Michael de la Pole along with the castle and honor of Eye. This Michael (made Chancellor of England in 1383) had fought under the Black Prince (eldest son of Edward III) and later under John of Gaunt (3rd. son of Edward III) and was a contemporary (and peer) of James Catterall (or however it is spelt!)

The de la Poles descended from a very wealthy merchant, William atte Pole (died 1336) of Ravensrode and first mayor of the city of Hull in the north of England (east coast, on the river Humber.)

The Catterall family had established a branch in Selby (close to Hull) at some time in the 14th. century - John Catterall of Selby died about 1419.)  Could be a link here to the de la Poles and to the Uffords of Suffolk.

It would be very reasonable to assume that James Catterall in the service of John of Gaunt married the daughter (Anne) of another contemporary general (Wlliam of Uffford, Earl of Suffolk) who was instrumental in helping Gaunt during the Peasant's Revolt of 1381.