Regional Museuum of Oaxaca


The Regional Museum of Oaxaca is housed in a beautiful green stone building attached to Santo Domingo Church.

It contains the Mixtec treasures from Tomb Seven at Monte Alban. This and other archaeological sections make the most sense if you visit them after seeing some sites in the Central Valleys.

The Mixtec trove on the museum's lower floor dates from the mid 14th century, when the Mixtecs reused an old Zapotec tomb at Monte Alban to bury one of their kings and his sacrificed servants. Together with the bodies they placed a hoard of beautifully-worked silver, turquoise, coral, jade, amber, jet, pearls, finely carved jaguar and eagle bone, and gold. It was discovered in 1932 by Alfonso Caso. Other sections of the museum cover the history of Oaxaca State since the Spanish conquest, the states Indian people, its archaeology and the history of the Dominican order.

Hours: The museum is generally open from 10 am. to 8 pm., Tuesday to Sunday. Entry is 20 pesos, free on Sunday and holidays.


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