revision date: 31 May 2002             beta release version 0.9.0

A completely new Catterall pedigree tree, showing the inter-relations between about 20 of the major families in the area. This includes the Catteralls of the Crooke/Shevington area, leading to Orrell, Kirkham and Preston, and the Catteralls of Horton in Cheshire. (it does not include the Cottrells of Coole or Neston at present.) Access from top left frame. If you have a small (15 or 17 inch) screen, this is also available in a 'full-screen' mode from the first page (before entering Catterall History.) This is a very large file (about 300 Kbytes) and takes about 2 minutes to download at 23 Kbits/sec - typically what an ISP will allow you on a 56 k modem link. This is a 'png' file and display does not occur until after the file is completely downloaded (unlike gif files where you see it coming.)

There are recorded instances of name changes between Catterall-Cotterell (both ways, and other spellings of both) so I believe we should link all together. Can anyone suggest a reason why not.

Major revision of the Families section. Most of these now include family trees from secondary sources. More families added.

Additions to the History section (access from the top right frame.) Now includes the effect of the religious squabbles following the reformation on the Catteralls, and the story of the notorious Isold de Heton, whose behaviour in the Hermitage at Whalley lead to its closure. Looks like Isold was a Catterall!. Also the rise of the House of Lancaster, and early history of Amounderness.

Maps: The Historical maps are all OK. These are big files and generally ask you if you are sure you want to download them (in the bottom frame). The Locality maps are a mixed bag: Barnacre, Bonds, Catterall, Catterall at Osbaldeston, Giggleswick and Holcath are all fully working. Little Mitton is OK but for the last item (the full 1:10,560 sheet). Goosnargh is OK except for the 1:10,560 sheet. Barnside and Prees, the 1:10,560 sheets only. Rathmell, the 1:50,000 only. Hacking, Osbaldeston, Rawcliffe, Read, Royle, Sawley, Towneleyand Whalley not at all.

Various previous attempts at Catterall pedigrees: Whitaker, Victoria County History, Toinette's Catteralls of Preston (thanks Di Wegener for sending me this), Catteralls of Horton, Cheshire (thanks Alan Cotterill for sending me this).

Some new places added: Gawthorpe (home of the Shuttleworths), Huntroyde (Starkies) and Holme (Whitakers), plus a detailed history of Little Mitton Hall.

Links to the Cotterell web page (Stephen Cotterell of Brighton) and the Cottrells of neston web page (Dawn Scotting of Aukland, New Zealand) These are on the opening page, before catterall History.

Try Lee Catterall's updated web site, access from the front page. Looks good Lee!

Neil Catterall's page from South Africa no longer works after his move to Australia - we need it back Neil!

Graham Catterall's page from London has updated recently, access from the front page. Looks good Graham!

Stephen Cotterell's page from Brighton was new to me - thanks Alan for pointing it out. Access from front page.

Families: Although there are many individual generation pages loaded under dates, very few of the individual generation links within the genealogical screens are working. Try Towneley of Towneley for 1500-1516 for a working sample.