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Rescue in the Mountains

RescueHad enough of world problems? How about a local rescue operation. A mother dog was left tied to a tree high on the mountain, without food or drink, to have her pups. Can you provide a home for a puppy?   Read the full story and see all the pictures taken on Sunday 23 March and on Thursday 27 March.
PippaTowards the end of April, the puppies were old enough to come down off the mountain. Homes werequickly found for the two males, and the last two females are currently in (temporary) residence in San Felipe del Agua at the President's Patti house. Currently there are two prospective owners lined up for them, but it's "first come, first served" so if you move quickly you can still get one. They are now about 10 weeks old, have grown a lot, and have now had all the necessary injections. Click on the pictures for enlargements and more photos. If you can offer a home to one, click here to email Ron.