7. Acknowledgements

This identification of the Gawain-Poet would never have seen the light of day if Paulo Alcobia Neves of Tomar, Portugal had not directed my attention (in a totally different context) to the manuscript “ Títulos e noticia da, origem de seu apelido, sua antiguidade em Portugal, suas armas, sua genealogia continuada até ao ano de mil setecentos e vinte e quatro” by Salvador Soares Cotrim, which Paulo very generously translated into English.  Paulo also suggested the identification of Ana Canas de Urofol, a lady of the retinue of Philippa, mentioned by Soares, with Anne de Ufford.  If the identification of James Cottrell with the Gawain-Poet meets with general acceptance, the literary world will owe a great deal to Paulo.  Whether or not it is accepted, all mistakes remain my sole responsibility.

Thanks are also due to Dot Logsdon, then Head Librarian of the Oaxaca Lending Library who, about the same time, and also unintentionally, re-directed my attention to the problem of the authorship of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

And finally I must record my debt to my wife, Jacqui, who painstakingly read through multiple revisions of this work pointing out all my many errors, and to Ad Putter of the University of Bristol who, at the very beginning, pointed me in the right direction and commented on drafts of this paper.

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